Visual Health Check

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What is a Visual Health Check?

An Visual Health Check is a 34 point visual check of all the wear and tear items on a your car. The check will be carried out at no extra cost on every car when it comes into our workshops no matter the age and condition of the vehicle.

The check is designed to provide you the customer with complete peace of mind and allows us to highlight potential wear and tear issues with the car that need to be addressed immediately or in the future.

A detailed report on your car will be completed by a Volkswagen-trained technician using a simple traffic light system. Any items identified will be clearly explained and you may be sent a video to support the report. Using the traffic light system we will advise whether work is urgent and gain approval for any work to be carried out on the day. Alternatively we will advise of any items to keep an eye of for the future. The check only takes around 30 minutes and is very convenient, as work can be performed on the day rather than making another booking or can be booked in at a time convenient to the customer.


All items in full working order with a clean bill of health


Currently safe and legal but may need maintenance in the near future – before the next scheduled visit


Require immediate attention due to being illegal, un-roadworthy or potentially unsafe